Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Filling up / Particular Rooms

 Not posted here in a while. Hello. Hi to all you folks who comment on my blog posts. I hope your love spells and potions are bringing you wealth and gigantic genitals. You filthy lot. 

I've been writing something which is currently not shareable - mainly because it is huge and unwieldy in quite a new way. I've been going to one particular room with a large black book and writing with a very tiny nib. Here are some unreadable notebook pages. 

I'm also making prints of some of the ink / typewriter / watercolour pieces I've posted on this blog before. Drop me an email (verityspott(at)gmail.com) if you are interested in getting one. They are fifteen quid a pop which is the low end of what art friends suggested and at the higher end of what I think is just a bit more than okay. Happy to do reductions if that's too pricey, or deals for sets. 

1 comment:

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