Monday, 7 May 2012

(manifesto - 2)

Transphobia is venom. From the back of your larynx to the symbolic spew of its semblance. People are fucking stupid like that, aren't they. This violence (all violence) is allowed by, in spite of and because of language - that town full of aliens and lights. Submission, sublimation. This is why there is a lot to be said for a marauding act of subjective violence. Symbolic violence is permanent, the entire artifice of the 'modern' human. The liberal. Going totally unchecked, ready to fucking waste your shit.Your death. His report. He will become A BETTER MAN. Standard, Rhyming, multiplicity. Stupid and venomous cohesion. Last night I was told about tolerence. He said that the handiest people in fights round here are 'puffs'. Round here you don't have to care but you totally want to. Invest-in-tolerence... Weak. Speculative rubbish accumulated at the very violent onset of 'normal life'.
  • I am who I am is a stupid thing to say.
  • I am what I am... At least now a 'what' not a 'who'.
  • Your enemies think that you're so brave!