Monday, 9 March 2020

The Arresting The Detaining The Immune

The Arresting officer throttled my dog
the Detaining  officer sniffs some glue
and while there are many other dogs
like it this one was mine, arm yourselves;
they will take your dogs to die. The Detaining
of the faculty to breathe. Now my dog
is strangled and detained and the officer
is Immune I write to the officer the Starr-
s are going out won’t you hold me as we watch them
pop and split when you feel how fully
you are strangled and detained,
officer, come into my arms I will peel the bitter tears
away, turn my face to the face beneath them the kiss of death
you strangled our dogs for this we are hurt in the marrow
yet still, we steer back from our idiot violence
choose a sterner path, the dissolution of the mind
the detaining of fists as they long for eyelids to tongue,
the Arresting heart rate the problem you live for
and oh the wages, remember your sick days, 
the Ambulance Service war room, containment
and erasure of dogs string me up from the nearest
lampost, throw away the key, gorgeous repairing heart lay 
a finger on my dog, scatter the engrams, I swear I’ll do time.