Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Let's chat about 'fluidity'. A block of text for bridging a stumbling block. That there is a space for movement within the contingent flow of 'general' identity. But surely the idea of a generality of identity is normaising? That's only a question insofar as its treatment at this point. It has no permanence as a question. The answer is yes. Fluidity also supposes a single direction, beginning as rain, tiny droplets, ending in the sea. So the analogy we are creating with the notion of 'fluid' (at least this one) is skewed. It supposes that the identity is primal, and that through its fluid journey, its reckoning, it becomes absorbed into the larger porous and populated mass. Some people are okay with that: the inward becomes outward becomes inward becomes outward until the last, most animistic and Christian act of self loss. Blissfully ejected into the ether. Or simply entwining one to the other. Or atomizing into the infinite. There are a lot of ways of putting it. And putting it off. What is lost within fluidity is any kind of half decent analysis of the component body and mind. The tiny fleck, its heteroglossilalic jibber. I don't know what the answer is except 'yes', or how to prove it or otherwise. But I keep talking about gender as fluid. And I am starting to think that because I use it so freely and so much that it must be misleading. It is certainly alarmingly convenient. What I often mean when I say it is that 'gender' describes a lot of small actions, events and patterns. These will often shift and alter. Hence the umbrella gender has the propensity to shift too. But how many of these smaller components create the larger shift? It certainly isn't healthy to think of things like this in terms of some macro balancing act. Can't we just get over this one or the other paradigm? I mean, I had quite a good time being a boy. It's not like being a conservative or something. Although the majority of them are. They want you to take it seriously. Or perhaps this is a 'pataphor. Anyway. I don't have any resolution. But I'm happy. Smash some glass. And fuck off. x