Wednesday, 24 November 2021

You Rose Flowers (after St. Hildegard von Bingen)

in your enchanted

bloodened sweat

lifted from the head

& heart plotted

from terminus

is not appointed 

from the head

beatified friend, 


of our found 

& fondest


wound’s winnow...

is not  appointed

from the head

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Filling up / Particular Rooms

 Not posted here in a while. Hello. Hi to all you folks who comment on my blog posts. I hope your love spells and potions are bringing you wealth and gigantic genitals. You filthy lot. 

I've been writing something which is currently not shareable - mainly because it is huge and unwieldy in quite a new way. I've been going to one particular room with a large black book and writing with a very tiny nib. Here are some unreadable notebook pages. 

I'm also making prints of some of the ink / typewriter / watercolour pieces I've posted on this blog before. Drop me an email (verityspott(at) if you are interested in getting one. They are fifteen quid a pop which is the low end of what art friends suggested and at the higher end of what I think is just a bit more than okay. Happy to do reductions if that's too pricey, or deals for sets. 

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Celebrity Solstice

When Sun had closed his eye,

heave, my precious, heave away!

to the drift. O, Who are you? 

A Ghost? O, hooks away so

Who is that in the water? O, heave a-No. No. No. 

O, bow to the horizon 

steal away, steal away,

then you are O, 

my yacht (IMO: 8913320) 

haul away!

(Position Received: 2021-10-05 21:46 UTC)

and I am general cargo drift away, ah, (IMO

9229178) heave my darlings, heave away!

(Position Received: 2021-10-05 21:19 UTC)

o, will they name us new o, away! 

aye we row! in six old rights we go

from every trace

of the old 

o, strip away, anew, strip away strip away!

a purging of the decks

and a glass upon my bow

to the four wind gods an O! Away we go!

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Late Night Poem - (near the end of Summer, 15.09.2021)

that your children meet the day

in the new world banned music

even the timber, still, and as ready

I was for you to die, my darling dog, 

that they go to the schools who are

they now, chutes of love & violent,

totally, (we know. but are made to watch

again & again what dying away

is) it okay to pull the screen?
I can’t bear to see;  even friendship

that I’ve failed so much too, remembers

the day snaps it is failed to weep stuck it

goes on: Into the night, Toll,  but it is still

past paralysis, of cell. Quiet, care

shifts knowing there is some

real work left.     It is so vital,

after the self that works in the night

still flat, as all;    were scrambled to the helm.