Friday, 20 December 2013

Drinks for Mere Rodent

Being here being not
a man being not here
for chops and stabs at
the sequined meta-proxy
goddess, cut her out.

Being here, being not
the recently deceased
scratchings of Taverner
having been
a decomposing fungus.
Ripe to be arrested.

I sometimes steal Pelicans
from shops and choose
to love from other men,
says Mr. Toypunk Darcy coughing
          nits into the scanner. Hair
is a turn off and so is the corporeal
          tone of your flesh credits
fly like spanners into the heads
of an EDL toy boy stamping guts,
marshal the closed child soldier. 

Love cascades from the face of a child
and the child at the face facing that, the rain
peels for long nights and hopes
to collapse each enterprise, dope.

We are magic now, the conditions are right.
Decrypting the engines of binary sight.

Thursday, 19 December 2013


 light is the blast

her lips are like the soil
and drink whisky    

you can have me drunk
in the burrow and valley

                warm winter
my gift settlements

shell suit

caring curse

was that war lasted a month or was it a decade curses
actualized slogans impossible to resist your lovely strident
dancing boys

                       still, if i could kill you this summer love
rose up to meet with the twirling ears of golden corn, your
counties remarkable faces, switching enlisted souls.

love characteristic of our state of freedom, plant the letters
of your hex in a cool orchard, serve silently, remove unnecassary
noises, choke hold, excite in the trees / orgasmic childhood

                     memories we are still mourning the copper leaves
an indent of itself upon suspicious skin. i take it you've met
a howl of wind  ,  find him hanged in your cell by his natural
adonis. Struggle prettifies , ears prick / candid spoilt bastad pitch  .

nether regional. scrap happiness. scrap equity branches pearl
blossom considers widow below roots, eating. drink drink
my love born here raised here  tear it to pieces.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

More Sapphic Fragments


/ walls
 approach climax
kill me


abuse    proxy
  a body  child
mother's suckle.



the eyes violent order
rat-guard, and  remain
orbiting clarity


Maim from our love I was never
fair or kind. Stinging or tied, to lilt on.


I hope for nothing 
  to come is the sky,

man stares at the sky
and the sky stares at man.

11/12/13. 8.16 am



                         Caged shudder
a noxious energetic pulse over
earth,   that   is    natural,  loss.


Love makes me tremble yet again
the earth's fallings, all this eating endlessly

cunt of / smothered to voice
is a decree against / point of, numbing moon 


Aspects delightedly opposed. But
this face starts at a lower border
controls nothing, has drinking.

Ewige Blumenkraft