Wednesday, 11 June 2014


It's time I got serious about this little space here. Let's pin them down and flatten them out! #GRATATA!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


First myth then science working out
unwanted letters, formula
have lacked too greedily
how purple goes & goes & barely  comes
back the same & I’ve waited over here
I have this dream it comes back  & I’ve waited
over in the dream by the derelict
tube st stations which I carry my cross. First
myth then I carry my cross working out
the unwanted letters used to smell me
indent particular I carry dreams
wait over here in dreams as I carry
my dream
   to the derelict tube & terrified,

I’ve turned into a thousand shades
of pointless single letters
         formula I am
incapable oh yes girl yes the sea
    from the stars &
the home I’ve waited to go home over
& over you rest that shape the cross up
against the tube.  That shape, that gang of rust
rotting boy & there & there. Between
the letters is a nest muds, twigs, shit^ . &
nearside is a tube a derelict
ion a fouled steam & I like it
always carried in my dreams the most rot
the shamed desire to go and go and
           barely come back
over I carry my dreams I wait here & you
can give me a thing I can hold in
light and say this is
 a good  thing I remember that