Sunday, 29 April 2012


The 'trans community' is as confused as its components. Wrapped in the umbrella narratives of LGBTQ, more narratives are at play within the 'T'. The media organs are obsessed with our bodies, and they want them changed/dismantled/rebuilt/destroyed because they want us to detest them as much as they do. A gross and mawkish preoccupation with gender essentialism leaves a startling war path of bolt down dumb comprehension. I was born in the wrong body is the liberty bell. Dysmorphia/dysphoria dysphorically morphed. It's only a part way saver. It will hurt a hell of a lot. The Metro for beige tolerance. 'Trans' supposes transition, but where is that transition from and to? Changing gender does not mean changing body. If you want to change body, you should. You should be allowed to. If you want to change your gender, you can. I think. There's more of an ideological shift involved though. What do you actually mean by gender. What is wrong. The liminal is not the attic space, the bit of left out/limbo/between. No. It's the through space refusing mobility. That is what really fucks up the paradigm. The space that you're supposed to be 'moving' (in capitalism) through, toward the great white sun. Just staying still there. That is the unlimited space. Lock in. The narratives imposed upon the 'trans community' are as damaging as abject (trans) phobia because that is exactly what they are. WE SHOULD NOT be attempting a cunning and desperate escape. WE SHOULD BE occupying the space of social discomfort for THEM and not US. Analogical shift from the body to the ground! Who'd have thunk it. We are not in transition. We are in occupation. Internalize any one narration. Make it work. It won't.
  • All these support networks. Where are the thought networks? It is blasphemy to impose gender questions on the gender 'confused' because they are 'confused'/must be protected from the scary people.
  • Negating the body impulsive meme. Narrative starts from out. Out goes in. In goes out. This process is called 'IMAGINARY' and we think that it probably goes on forever until the final 'other' act which is becoming dead. Being completely external.
  • Gender = power structure - micro(ish) FEED macro(ish). 
  • You are wrong to think you came in with it just as it won't be there when you are dead EXCEPT for the narrative. All that is left. "He was a very kind man". 
Some people who are  involved with knives are now very angry. If you are holding one or if you have one in you I can understand why. Some people are stabbed for everything. Some are stabbed for nothing.