Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Trans* Revelation 1

Discordian Anarcho-Maost Discourse

Okay, hello Mr. Policeman. Watch the last fifteen minutes of The Wicker Man before you come at us with your shit-mire of brutal escorts, dodging the infinity of longing, slaphead prick, no slur intended, just, I've been thrown into this massive discourse of anti-love and you are an evil in it and I am ashamed of you and fuck slurr the gentle rushing of it take my hand Mr. Fuck unjustified to the merest nullification of your face you are all under arrest. You prudent of our virtues watch the last bit of that film I cannot offer you empathy just now because you've drunk me but here, here it is in a moment, you lead yourself longing towards our own death through ever obsolete ritual of anti-magic you can make and I can't live like that I can't fucking breathe die amongst yourselves then or long for a better world for I am daubed in your paralysed responsibility and I hate it. Yours Malaclypse, fuck you.

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