Thursday, 16 October 2014

Proud as Mending Joy

I am not at proud
to be here no
     've Benn drag'd
to stat
at the
on idiot starving
                             pa ve d
         serendipitous kiss
rank // defile 'is aisle one
             fag ashen the tonal
total squeel of apartment junk

the trees struck out
the cause tensile

I want(on)ed
for the focus to retain
            plaits of sep er
national drug ule.

Pain for panic ulcer without
stripping up against me clear
in a wart grand in the bait
proceding to kill neck down
archive this ready song in
tongue's fuck knot superb. I
you ch
sex pest
cling to mere fanciful abnecktion
to teste      ' d  
want          's
to be away

nd feel as ay live inside
a neck
             on bad life.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The New Quarter.

I've had one of those emails. I get them every now and again. Asking me to affiliate with some 'creative' collective, to join the nights I run up to the network. I'm (perhaps irrationally) afraid of that network. Here's the beef. Maybe it is totally logical. In fact, it is. Listen. They're building this horrible complex down on the seafront. They're once again talking about regenerating the old pier, this time quite possibly into some kind of bastard health spa - holiday houses and executive suites, long corridors with water coolers and touch cards and fire doors leading into board rooms and small tidy bars full of vintage paraphernalia, the kind of thing we like - jukeboxes and stuff. They're going to put that in the sea right in front of the town staring right across at its mirror. Behind it, over it, there's going to be a tower that will be four hundred meters high and provide the whole tiny town with taxed wireless Internet. Under the tower there's going to be this strip of arches filled with little people and their little things. They're going to call this the 'creative quarter'. The arches will be shops run by Makers selling jewelery, driftwood, steampunk accessories - all of it up-cycled. It's going to be pretty good to be honest. Loads of young people with aspirations.

That's the language of catalogs. Those are the people who will live full and happy lives. They've done well, they can make money out of what they love and they will stay there under the tower by the conference centre. I've tried replying to people's requests for some kind of artistic solidarity, this guy asks us all to read at galleries in London. He wants us all to collaborate. I want that too. I want us to stay up together forever until no one can put us to sleep but ourselves. He won't even pay your transport, funded and all. You get to read for five minutes. We need to stretch time till we can see back into it from a huge distance, move around the space that time operates on, operate in it. I'm really happy with these letters on Yage. They seem to be asking for no antidotes at all. That's what they're doing with this tower. Can you actually believe it will be four hundred metres high? It might even touch the bellies of planes and curlews. Anyway, there will be auditions for the Creative quarter. The reason that word and everyone who uses it scares the living shit out of me, so I'm crying and scratching the ground, is because it's that siphoning off, a solution to all your problems, a briefness; a place for exploration and hope. It's so conceited and ruthless. When what we do is no longer necessary, just healthy. You are not alone. God is with you. 

There's a lot going on in this town. I love it here. I've lived here nearly thirty years now, and every time I set out for food my friends are there smiling, offering to pay for dinner, tucking napkins into my stocking tops. We run this place. It used to be a shit hole. People would stare at you if you wanted to make anything of yourself. I had a great education thanks very much. It's unfortunate I have to change your attitudes to make ends meet. There's a building just like this new development near the station. I had an interview there the other day. It's absolutely true that the social connotations of a tiny snippet of music coming out of the door of a cafe can be disseminated according to their injunction against everyone else. I'm going to play some music. I'm going back to bed. I'm going to dress up. Good.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


It's time I got serious about this little space here. Let's pin them down and flatten them out! #GRATATA!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


First myth then science working out
unwanted letters, formula
have lacked too greedily
how purple goes & goes & barely  comes
back the same & I’ve waited over here
I have this dream it comes back  & I’ve waited
over in the dream by the derelict
tube st stations which I carry my cross. First
myth then I carry my cross working out
the unwanted letters used to smell me
indent particular I carry dreams
wait over here in dreams as I carry
my dream
   to the derelict tube & terrified,

I’ve turned into a thousand shades
of pointless single letters
         formula I am
incapable oh yes girl yes the sea
    from the stars &
the home I’ve waited to go home over
& over you rest that shape the cross up
against the tube.  That shape, that gang of rust
rotting boy & there & there. Between
the letters is a nest muds, twigs, shit^ . &
nearside is a tube a derelict
ion a fouled steam & I like it
always carried in my dreams the most rot
the shamed desire to go and go and
           barely come back
over I carry my dreams I wait here & you
can give me a thing I can hold in
light and say this is
 a good  thing I remember that

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I Will Listen Now

and when you come in what then
is you start the facial brief one fly
so balk you are beautiful I cannot
contain this steady option settlement
to say that I agree with every frail
notion and believe that what you are
is am saying this rough cupidity
lest we damage the immediate
pleasure and I ascertain not even
who you are but what we both coalesce
and when I come in compromise
the hatch nailed up the drone insistence
irritations constant must be revived song
see this and loving has never been easy
you sway into meat all the time your face
into meat all the time your neck hanging

but in order to say that disguise this
that living is in a way the certain art
the constant lie the way we speak of one
fixture and another one and condescend
to the ear fix the ear with a stare and say
with determined air that the one
and the other are in a way the same
shape and that one of us extremes themself
I am glad you are safe and glad the safety
sticks around unbelievable when I hear
what it is you are completed when the light
of this that occurs begins to phase out
and what this astonishing life loses what
we are already here. already taken
down to touch the ear untouch the mouth

unbuckle the immediate always frail motion
that exactly cold clear wail the way out.


For Keston Sutherland

General callback canto one
lost winter’s winnow hydraulic
pigeon shit. Love me tender they
salt/silt: gis statement a half cut

sky, the light petit object speck
the difference spoke between
corvid & bee. One rests your
general score power cut die rib

slip prelingual terror mounts throatful
to say cope out be
incinerate lock by lock symbolised
crowd to order haze directive

snow. But the Count denounced
the crow, do so backward
holding up a fetish screen befor
duck exquisite pass off the loaned

bangs in, commence until depart
bi fang, swing coerced
lash out. Skin fried hydraulic
hair lobe jelly oils for

cast on lube, don’t pull me
towards your compact hair clot
chest pull me somewhere out
swallows 3.5 wight claim

credit, ATOS hatch-leaf do not
weak hands my adopted tone
delay to censeur winnowed teeth
personal break removal, now.

Make transference paranoidal. Try
habit kill off toys spit gains tax
gash caveat, bottom of the sun paint
larynx, too narrow. What is thinning

is delight the marrow pink occlusion
act, the sky, where fear droops
in language and the symptom
is to move my scar scum round the room.

Colour the bruise in Tip-Ex black
the gasp at finance certainty:
pilot abject race cars spliff
the one that loves and bursts.

Some not yet local credence.
Make that stick out: Things aren’t okay
press passivation in your back

and make its dissidence  listen.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Drinks for Mere Rodent

Being here being not
a man being not here
for chops and stabs at
the sequined meta-proxy
goddess, cut her out.

Being here, being not
the recently deceased
scratchings of Taverner
having been
a decomposing fungus.
Ripe to be arrested.

I sometimes steal Pelicans
from shops and choose
to love from other men,
says Mr. Toypunk Darcy coughing
          nits into the scanner. Hair
is a turn off and so is the corporeal
          tone of your flesh credits
fly like spanners into the heads
of an EDL toy boy stamping guts,
marshal the closed child soldier. 

Love cascades from the face of a child
and the child at the face facing that, the rain
peels for long nights and hopes
to collapse each enterprise, dope.

We are magic now, the conditions are right.
Decrypting the engines of binary sight.