Sunday, 14 May 2017

Note - against these divisions

&   ‘m so afraid of the perpetrators
they live in us, our hair, sleep paralysis
nd what      ‘ve done, come amongst us
into our       ,language, our rift is made

              in his skin in his eyes shocked
into our hair, our tongues, turning us out
& against,, clogging us with dis-unity,
 hatred is in my / our hearts, for one another

there must be no patina, no caught yellow
   rneath the eye. In this picture, you told
me I looked beautiful, leant me money, turned
my heart in gold there would be little

return; these private ruinous thoughts, the loud
gauze, this fucking mind. Stinking perpetrator
(let this line gaze back, up then down, let
out your blood, starter, charger, full destroyer
what, will you tell me, is the antidote to such & such).