Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Stations of Fear, (After The Great Devorce).

& don't feel like a woman here

a block with flecks and streaks of grime
but not go. please don't go this time

it's funny you should say

it sucks you out and spits you in
those same old things

same streaks and flecks. to touch
the sky, to lip the streams.

the room steps out is revealed
the car, veins in the words, order
of worst
too relieved.
the day it ends as begun

you sat cross legged having
known difficult

y, having sucked been
grated. finds us at the door
in the hauling

rust-cabin  in the bowling   ground
that moves to look

as water, rocks of water   creaking, grunting
& the grass blades cut your feet

as glassy wrecks, stuck in
the hills seem awful far

& from them some sick stutter 
of light
and of that light
my sick eyes

shed tiny stones, stones that crush
the toes they fall to

rocks that fall to the fizz of light
from the hills, these figures
in twilight
moving slowly

thousands of 
years to walk in twilight, drizzle, houses, all empty
imagined into life,, stuck apart, and further, never
enough light to build

from fizz of 
in this sound if i could only 
hear, these

the stations of fear as the rock-river that
bundles this tired body, this block
over, over, under, through the slightest crack
it breaks

what little fizzing lights we stare to call
a sickness, a sneer, a vanished trillion, more

& if we stay here
if we stay
it is coming
(we remain).


But how about now not fearing. There you stood
before the waterfall but the water not like rock
but silk now or gunge but thinner meaning liquid
like warm all over running over and through the skin
friend take me with you. Not to fear but tear up
on the margins of paradise and what of scorn? So much
fucking revenge here these days can't we just get a long
streak of sun fizz craps through the cloud unkindly

nevermind. It's the same thing as always happens
round these parts. Distempered lives, frocks and broke
bellows. O frag of bale rock, won't swim me;
takest fine so calm & crouched to dust off break
a brow from atop ur eye. Now calm. Break
hand through water break the water through your hand
thank you sleep comes nevermind never end cancellation
of tickets to sky. Outnumbered but a tread two foot.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Eclipsing Royal Princess

the twilight is broken

to mermaids & glass

with ribbons and songs

eclipse our chaste heart.

burn the sky

sisterhood scream

the earth as your shit stool

o heavenly beam.

"rats, rats! everywhere I be!!"

                                      hold me safe
                                      my darling one
-your sweet princess, of the sea.