Sunday, 20 March 2016


My name is Stephen Crabb or something &
I fucked a baby or something. Something = call it
                                               five hundred million
babies call it. Call it I am here
to make your clients // he was not business minded
enough. We / wax in his eyes my old
                  sorry to be so / my name is CRABB
standing for 'Child Rapist, Absolves Britain's - the next letter
is abandonment - Beak? Banner under which
   would not have committed to the the
   death on me drown on me the way the
   mouth of the body was
   stuck in a cage was the pool warm? I support
   philosophers such as Alain Du Botton I hate life
   I love death my name is Indolent Crabb Child
   Killer I want the country to

I moved to a big
HEX I a house had
put me on the boat back to the country
          I came from. No flowers. No wheels.
         You becoming are fucking banned
         I am going to die today Stephen Crabb will die
         today that motor purse your lips the heart filling
with management speak is no is it is filled with spiders
spiders are shit they are banned I am not in the position
of banning I am more like the anarachists I won already
fuck Iain Duncan Smith that cunt is dead to be
my name is Stephen Crabb and I take babies and do horrific things to them
like Alain Du Botton spoils
                                               your brain, Starkey you cunt, you jaw
                                               stick your fucking job. I wanted
I don't even know you never heard of still
die or something that's what you're like CRABB isn't it
you're just like that tearing spit of crow no CRABB
sorry did I
                   NOT HEAR YOUR NAME CORRECTLY well
my sincere apologies this disgusting wart of a country
that is not a wart I am a TOAD and that is my skin. Bumps
not warts I am from nature
                                            and am nothing
                                            like Stephen Crabb
                                            but I have been
in hibernation I wake up and I can't buy fly agaric and you have gone
Iain and there is this new
                                            murderer in the pond
                                            this pike thing. Let him die or something stick your fucking job.

(Dear Sirs everyone in there is a sir are they not a sir
 okay whoever you are then I look at your face and in it
 I have failed I am so totally stupid My Daughter Has
 a Rare Condition and cannot join the military every time
 I read one of your books I am in it failing to do what it is
 it is supposed to help me to do I am tired of being alive
 who the fuck is Stephen Crabb pushing my face
 into my arsehole that's not even a real face not even
 spunk on the body)

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