Monday, 25 April 2016

Revolt - Trans* Manifesto


Men have cunts and men cannot grow facial hair men can men wear skirts men have periods women have beards women have bollocks you are woven on a false map men have eostrogen we are in a map of denial. Denial of the false centre, the through we are the derangement molded to the weave of a false map. This is not good politics this is a language rivetted to a false map.

We cannot ammend the map we cannot improve its locations. Each local reform sucks oil through the forests the trees suicide the people starve. Starve for reform. We are withered mirrors to a false map. Women are torn denials of the false centre. Men are terrors of the false centre. Bodies are colonies on maps. That's all we can say with certainty. Real names are gestures of colonies strewn across bastard maps. This is not good politics. This is here to show you. We are here to show you. We are hurt to show you. We hurt to show you.

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