Monday, 13 June 2016


   've got something flexible

cut off cut right into not us

   're 's no cannot be committed

to memory this bacon wrap

   barrel down the. This is how we

cook still you come back to me if I may

   be called an us for a second No

distended over the crux   're told off

   will not walk out on   and keep

running this mere    tears, hounds of silence

   waltzing Up, Up to Valium us, things

're; meant to play with it then leave safely

   thing is no No when look. Into me like

that stalk. Stalked around the aisles

   you get anxious Have no reason No

reason to get anxious Heads no strapped No

   raining on and off we must Must go into

these rooms to hold Hold me in there

   because      were  're not there there

Not must be a solution     in an NYPD jump

   suit in the mirror Ban ban that the image

is not valid There there     some corpses

   everywhere already filled insinuate

them then there is a quiet flood of bang.

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