Thursday, 23 June 2016

Supplemented,, forced..

I have to think about this a:::: this I have to think of this face of when the hairs will grow again I have to think it is when I don't think I may be beaten I am usually scared I am a body of information I am a sucked gland  I am a time a broken question of parenting I am a violent man I am the reamain I am Remain I am enemy I represent nothing my voice is that of a man. :{LEW

               *^V&B &OF       i am specimen

|          b            but not

      I am spec     species....

Was he a violent man?
                                      Well he had his genocidal moments.....

I the unconsumated rivet the broke historical the lie against whatever past it was I am a traitor to. Whatever passed over it is the wanting of death and sex the wanting to be fucked somehow the fucking death of it the wanting of ribbon ties and death sex and the wanting of not to pray the wanting of not the eating the wanting of to lace belly the wanting of the beattitudes the wanting of deification, sissification, the beauty of its broken stealth, ,,,,, ;[jhbyuTHE

   ///.tyu ugly stars
the broke2 gor34t
          5h f
   w]tyj4;st4;t\dout them

yj'oht[gf ee\n


I do not fit the voices you have chosen
I do not weaponise the world you built me
I do not fit with the configuration
of this species there is death. I do not
Jane is perpetually kind,,, maybe not today
I will go into the Hades I will skin I will
tits I will revolt I will hands,,,, bodies
wounded world of its species I will fuck
and destroy like a man would no,,, I refuse
I will be fucked and be destroyed as an act
of useless class treason there is,,, there is
chilli for my eyes there is rubber there no
there is this treatment this infantilism,, dead,,,,,
there is this rubber nipple there is solace, always.


There is no generational exit no excuse there's perhaps I am wrong perhaps the diorama of the spheres of my understanding perhaps no this is the entire wrongness there is a thing it feels like fibres or fluff it turns to soft wet crystals to frogspawn ,,, fucking naked ,... This, people want clarification, for this to be the entirety of my work, for my identity to invade: refuse the central position.

There by cleft tele story to
up in digest what carpet steels
care does no one cut out do
        food opene ene there like

is forbidden. Gastric
                     lame to
do decease.

                 Do not say......
I could never say that to you
   Never form a set of specifics could never

   but do not reduce me if you will do not
      say that to you I am just this or that
    I am mere and contained I will
          be unsafe towards you,, take it as
     a threat or as a consequence or as
     naturation,, we could talk all day
     we could
                            princess me

 yes,,, sometimes
that         is i cry myself, silently,,, no tears,,,,,, i have been made
conditioned to do it,,, so when there is yelling
    i want
  mummys, daddys, sisters, there are kinks
   in this armour there are designs &&&& pleasures
& rope is not but ribbon is & suck it is but spit
it isn't      3 it is but one it is not

               m i n e
        h-bt 9[5/   / this buzzing these
                           hapless roman numerals..

we understand one  
we are hurting you we are hurting you the end the end s   the end sss the end is nt

          when it    's not as you'd want

                to be fetished
      to be made
               but force, this beautiful
      immediacy xx

                what am?

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