Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No Clarity

Clarity is obscene so choke me
with abstraction. Clarity is decisions is
          your friends

and equals dying it's your work
as figures lit up in your dreams it's
your bladder painlessly shredded
          with a steak knife

is your managers fucking your sister
from both sides it's your burning
for revenge is the stasis of the vulnerable
it's the deliberate failure for profit
          vs workfare 

is Lauren's tears it's burning in my veins
&,, & years of straining punished
for the expulsion of stress and pain yes
clarity is your payslip & you cannot
          fucking sleep and clarity

is disgustig and I want it all to die
& clarity will cut you it's your muscles
          & your brain death 

so clarity is spat at & clarity is locked
& abstraction it is sanctioned as a
          perfect holy knot

& it is guarded & is cherished
& will warm you up in peace
it will maul you and berate you
          for a very tiny death;

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