Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Sound of a Gentle Breeze

Hug the pillow, mist it,, be getting
better off   brain limbic in minature
sign, sky across  sign it

                 moving under
pair in the water surface up at
           report from the scrub

reach to rust your hand
                    at report the sky across
muzzle on a mouse

                Down into the stomach
what? the mind
casts out
give me a slant
a cry bangs off the tree
to tree.

Generally care not taken

on.The sky is wet with birds remove them
one by startled one
hug the detonator to your thigh
in the mist the decoy limbers

        up the way
the single switch
listens,, thought at rest there

.. smells so wrong, becomes complete
the choker
leashed somewhere out in front of house
your sister watching, laughing.

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