Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Little Reverie - for Sean Bonney

Whatever happens next will be bettered by revenge. That cautiously flung cluster of words and sound that Ovid of bandage that scar tissue that diseased scrotum that thing we call an ally that limping pus that dragged head that block of torn out neighbours that yuppie in your tongue that screaming little boy they took him to the floor and they fucked him to death that fucking slow and soft that fucking hard and terminal that layrynx that when there is nothing left that adding to the happiness of the world that Duncan Smith we had him nailed to the floor and we rehearsed ourselves with hammers to flatten out his tongue it was a sordid meditation we were slowly and deliberately making him die and behind him close enough to see there was this queue of everyone who had ever spoken in his favour by accident or on purpose and as we sawed out his blood and his words we laughed and caressed one another and we snarled back at them "this is nothing but the natural restoration of life" and we were so fucking gentle and we sat in a circle and plaited our hair and we became stronger and stronger because of revenge and as we stalked up and down the line of them taking random shots at heads like Trotsky did to his troops (that horrible burning religion) we were wearing ribbons and we chattered and we laughed and made oneanother happy and went silent for days and abandonned our minds and we went very quiet and we listened to the earth we are here now it is all we can hear and I hold your head in my lap and tell you that I love you and put my breast to the freeIng stars,,,  and the blood of all the capitalists the world over is spilling into a drain. The night, so still and torrid.

And I will tear down anyone who hurts you
And I will strangle the world that shot you in the brain
And I will summon storms
And hold you
And chaos will burn from my fingers.

And we will all burn together we will  eat a final meal we will sleep in our whisky we will love in our splintered burning atoms we will know ourselves and each other in the whole of the freezing universe and we will live in all those spoiled words like marriage and wound and labour and sorry we will stoop down and kiss the water we will stretch out our lives oh wait that's what we did we will stop the bastards any way we can with our feet and marrow the bruise in the sun the minerals, your eyes, a cacophonous orgasm,, alone again but you were never really there you are everywhere I go a million million voices. Revenge, revenge,, revenge.

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