Tuesday, 23 June 2015

To Resist the (Gender) Binary (trans* manifesto).

Protest is when I say this does not please me.

Resistance is when I ensure what does not please me occurs no more.

To resist is first of all, 1 to never be understood as its own objective meaning 2 resistance reclaimed as a verb 3 an adjective also, to describe the act of a deliberate stopping and when describing the binary 3.1 we must consider a system of deliberate and continued 3.11 sexual exploitation, the grammar of the body, those that would enforce it 3.2 the policing of the self 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 .6 the self 3.7 and that in developing a theory of resistance the primary basis of that theory is its opposite meaning I am / you are / they are in a state of 4 mental illness 5 or ideally bodily wrongness 5 pathologists 6 of the sucker 7 of the cunt of the cock 8 of the face and hair 9 of the pupil 10 those same hacks that condemned the habits of collection,, despots of the artery 11 and in that resistance a mesh 12 that I contain no pride means resistance of the language of proudness 13 destroyed as cutting 14 where and when we consider Gender as labour 15 with wages 15.19 but born in the wrong body 15.19.1, but mentally ill 16 cherished of the bitch plea 17 to understand the binary as one would gravity, naturation as a verb, a gravity be done a 18 done thing 19, units of control as helicopters 20 as a comprehensive illness 21 as a natural limit for voting 22 as a body. Understanding resistance as the possible outcome from which natural truth screams back on its back as its back is a snake a 23 uncorsetted body. Rotting flesh. Gas. A substance emerged from the natural order,, heated, atonement, don't ever sleep.

The binary enforced in all character of language likes, it likes the body (and is like) dead animal, dual carriageway, 4.45pm stiffened && bloated on the curb, mouth smashed, a badger, jaw locked as an A biting the curb. Don't ever sleep.


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