Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ritual for Hate Speech

slice out his limbs means my sisters, our arms,, our
tear from the muscle: this social survival
their pleading eyes their rolling faces O  the birds cut ahead and behind
me, they sing,, the tempers of paradise 0 "I walk about; lie down, but no dreams visit me." 0 we will not bury the corpses is
our agony,,, the unburied dead of Camp 15 o in winter in the winter
they do not rot or fold, my joyous rain,, o our our criming pity
0 our refusing empathy, our steel is made of hands.

Place: In a long strand, digested vegetable matter
Say: The unburied dead, for in winter the ground
Say: The walls are mere and terminal
Do: The kicking and eating, the freezing soil.
Place: a strand of wire on each of our limbs, the limbs
           as the birds explode in front, as you walk through
           the trees, as you find the soft and silent voice, lapping
           as your peace is murder, as your joy is cutting, lapping
Place: the wire of each limb on tongue. Sing: We with all our /
cut up ground / prop up the leader / their scream /  wordless pity!!!!

Now: Shit in his neck 0 love to the defector
& detonate his pulse means dancing in the winter
& I have come in peace means the slow and careful boiling
of the living body, e.g. António Horta Osório,, his blistered 
hateful screams, o hate speech means love, yes, love is in the air!
& cannibal means yes I was bored of all these lovers. 

Try: The hand to the throat to the groin to the fire.
Try: The head of angels
Try: Marauding guilt with vengeance.
0 THE boss is coming now to swallow up her gold.
              othe boss detesting, digesting sleeping children,
spent as by a crook the tether reaches out to wage.
Spent as by a tether knife edge reaches out to tongue his.
Spent as by knife the tongue is reeling and revolting.
Spent as I was panting on the writhing banking body.
Spent as we were spitting at the sockets of the democrats.
Fucked, as we were walking and the birds that sung were eating
OUT the eyes from sockets of the democrats still pleading:
"O friendly night have mercy for a neck filled up with shit."


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