Sunday, 19 April 2015

Click away / cclose door say

Click away
      cclose door say

         For Will

at the broad shield a creature dances. At as axial room to signal signal cclose
away at lull points former clicks out sync
and in again the former good the life it
had the signal passed out / over gravity
is not a fact here it remains, a tonal.

At the rawl the grill face pushes out bits
removed and not let back, bits of
speech drastic, lactic, propped still
rumour burns houses raw unenhanced
pasta mineral bubbles dissipate surface
the law is not move in counter circles

one door to the next, outside to in to
out in must like entries bite the bite the
bite the coding; locks hug pinned door
ants under boxed, electrical, shrieking all
diced winnow and electrical ban
instalment the of a hand drying plant.

Then crash the car then put on the head
lamp put up with shot vent gently
ripped  to  empty  air from  wall
  ghastly removal of bodies, oh mind’s
hive rock about gently for one last night
did this to me it hurt it finished.

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