Monday, 9 February 2015

Selection of Notes - late 2014, early 2015.

& if there is expulsion
& if there is gas at all
in face gas in the ear
is all sound
                    is all abjection
social is this a gap. These are scraps and notes from a couple of books and some sheets and envelopes (& they are
                                    Elizabeth ... who was
                                    hanged (?)

         baked in light
         sexy dried up
         emptied skins

i yr stomach rot
i your face in
i blood

         floating o n   water
         *o *unshine
         n   s

The air, the sky now
a multi * ramic sphere it catches
us, as its centrepoint without
gravity it is
massive, empty & made
of colours, corrosive not-bedroom
corrosive not-stomach,, not-face
not-kissing not-stomach not-a-sphere-
of-colour not-mass. Not a not-weight
faux solids; bombs,, light-halters
'I' returns, I-stomachs I-not policed I-
remedy I-owner I-forgetfullness I-not-Awake
not-I-am Not-Not-I-G Not-I-Awakes-am-am-Not-
I. Twist. Twist hair. Twist hair of my
...growing darker. Skidding listless
at the ground 'I'.

It is not a thing but a place, central
hair. Central canopy: "I", pungeant
corrosive melancholia.  I - broken receding sphere.

These scraps were composed in flight. When you become afraid, when death is screaming at the prostate. The return
of colours, I monument.
I wound
so against; sound vanished away
sound is flat, unhappy not-light. All these distant
possible things.

English sentiment
little towns  (gl)
back and forth
below the cloud.

A light that goes
so goes.

In the strobe
and tears 
at the cloud.



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