Tuesday, 10 February 2015

De-privation Off Liberties

Here are some things worth - collision
love as a burn to death no not-i Punish not I-collatoral
not I Love You it is no longer a word - an insistence.
Jinx protocol Jinx stomach Jinx you said stomach
you said mouth on stomach you said kiss it you
follow up you said outbreak ((in this machine a retching of  parts of how we press up,, legs, this bed of
                                            jilted in this [machine's going] full stomach
in this pith. Relax. 

& here are some frightening thoughts: Care is institutes, institute is prison or near to prison or near to education or fraught and indecisive between the two. Institutions of care and institutions of correction, by which is meant behavior by which is meant step away from the door or move those objects, which means alter to the order of symbols accordingly. This means little or no respect whatsoever,, I.E. totally banned subject - subject to be hazed or incarcerated, indefinite. Parallel subject called labour to make the incarceration to in turn receive incarceration I.E. to lose or abandon care, I.E. empathy or perhaps not. It means the language is vacant (see above) that it is stripped out and corroded like a wire, not corroded just stripped of flex - protection. Or perhaps of blood, of the cells unnecessary for survival. Either it is mere survival or it is slight reward. Reward in gradual stages, pound by pound. This person has a particular aversion to daylight. Thus daylight exposure in small dreaded floods - noises - day by day, bit by bit until slowly exposure performs the necessary correction and the subject exposes herself, daily, constantly to the formerly dreaded, or lives in its dread as one dread is surpassed by another. One social dread for one private one. The distinction between the social and private is built, and those working up to this dread, fed the protocol of its necessity - they are very bored. They are very tired. They are very close to the edge. Their pay is their care, their care corroded by pay and its lack. Wayward
                                                                           lizabe h'
                                                                        to inside
                                                                              ove  ;ou
speech stretched, 'person centre'  d/)) mirror stage , reflective off
            ervice  ser
         (h) as a worm
    leaned y
    ervice   sers
    o  e
             post cleanse
to be 

evacuate the worm thing. Kiss the organ. Push me down
through myself. Under the motto of curated health push
dryer,, rise to induce 

("I've had a feeling, since I was very small, that it's a good idea to keep a good stock of warm clothes very close to the bed. This has slowly accumulated into several glasses and bottles of water each night. By these bottles is a bag filled with candles, bits of wood, lighter fluid etc. In there there's a side pocket with matches, lighters and a block of hard flint. I've also got a tent in the cupboard within reach, and a hammer and some nails, and further bits of wood. All of them next to my bed, in fact, they are most of the bed. And drapes in green, anything I could get my hands on. Provided I need to be locked in I have everything I need to keep myself there and if I need to get out via the fire escape I've got everything I need to get out quickly and survive in the woods for say five or six days. The maps I stole from the tourist office so I'll stay away from any worn paths - I'm writing this to you, Matthew, so you can leave me a shovel and contacts ((just in case)) and I have a knife with various little blades which I'm sure will come in useful and I have a compass and I have a watch and I have misgivings and I have a screwdriver to prize open or slam shut the window and they are arranged, these things, under the window and no one must touch or move these things but I will move day by day the glasses and bottles of water assuring myself that they are fresh and well oxygenated and that they are filling my body over and over and that there is a pair of un-rusted scissors is essential but people come into my room and begin to move the objects or else they have been there and I have the suspicion that they have moved them so the room is primed in sigil with several hundred thousand decoys made of shredded paper and pictures and empty bottles and cartridge cases so when you come into my room 'fret not over tired stress, stress not' you breech one contract that is a decoy contract that I lie beneath that you see me lie beneath at a perilous and perfect angle that is not perfect in fact to you, in fact to you, you are tired, nothing is perfect and nothing is sacred when in fact to me, I am always tired, I will always be tired, because I need to be ready I can never not be tired, I can never either be asleep so I must logically follow into tiredness, to me, nothing is in fact sacred either, in fact nothing is indeed in fact. In this place there are no facts just decoys and not-sleep not-I sleep not I-sleep not 'I' merely decoys that I roll beneath what is a bed that is in fact a decoy or mesh of decoy supplies to detract from the real supplies detracting from the real escape route you were asleep all along at all the wrong moments sleeping when in fact nothing is in here in fact in fact there is no 'in fact' in here while I am tired and you are sleeping 'stress not' that I lie at a decoy angle under the decoy bed for one minute forever.")  


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