Sunday, 30 March 2014


I Will Listen Now

and when you come in what then
is you start the facial brief one fly
so balk you are beautiful I cannot
contain this steady option settlement
to say that I agree with every frail
notion and believe that what you are
is am saying this rough cupidity
lest we damage the immediate
pleasure and I ascertain not even
who you are but what we both coalesce
and when I come in compromise
the hatch nailed up the drone insistence
irritations constant must be revived song
see this and loving has never been easy
you sway into meat all the time your face
into meat all the time your neck hanging

but in order to say that disguise this
that living is in a way the certain art
the constant lie the way we speak of one
fixture and another one and condescend
to the ear fix the ear with a stare and say
with determined air that the one
and the other are in a way the same
shape and that one of us extremes themself
I am glad you are safe and glad the safety
sticks around unbelievable when I hear
what it is you are completed when the light
of this that occurs begins to phase out
and what this astonishing life loses what
we are already here. already taken
down to touch the ear untouch the mouth

unbuckle the immediate always frail motion
that exactly cold clear wail the way out.

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