Sunday, 30 March 2014


For Keston Sutherland

General callback canto one
lost winter’s winnow hydraulic
pigeon shit. Love me tender they
salt/silt: gis statement a half cut

sky, the light petit object speck
the difference spoke between
corvid & bee. One rests your
general score power cut die rib

slip prelingual terror mounts throatful
to say cope out be
incinerate lock by lock symbolised
crowd to order haze directive

snow. But the Count denounced
the crow, do so backward
holding up a fetish screen befor
duck exquisite pass off the loaned

bangs in, commence until depart
bi fang, swing coerced
lash out. Skin fried hydraulic
hair lobe jelly oils for

cast on lube, don’t pull me
towards your compact hair clot
chest pull me somewhere out
swallows 3.5 wight claim

credit, ATOS hatch-leaf do not
weak hands my adopted tone
delay to censeur winnowed teeth
personal break removal, now.

Make transference paranoidal. Try
habit kill off toys spit gains tax
gash caveat, bottom of the sun paint
larynx, too narrow. What is thinning

is delight the marrow pink occlusion
act, the sky, where fear droops
in language and the symptom
is to move my scar scum round the room.

Colour the bruise in Tip-Ex black
the gasp at finance certainty:
pilot abject race cars spliff
the one that loves and bursts.

Some not yet local credence.
Make that stick out: Things aren’t okay
press passivation in your back

and make its dissidence  listen.

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