Saturday, 29 April 2017


It was only just
   the other night things
felt  our skins collapsing together before
eternal dividers
   settled back their course
the air was impossible collapsed gestures
backed up tears
   at the soft wet bodies
of frogs.

The only thing 
    keeps me from you, this
so called choice, the sudden switch of 
trajectory into
   the road so people say
avoid the collapsing traffic we say: Silence,
for the crush
  of a vehicle keep me from 
your fists or even
  words are terse enough

symbols to make
  my only body position
cross into the mouth of no-christ. The things
  we do for you,
somehow the sight of this body tense you up
to murder
  knowing not the rendition, 
its schema but for the sake of your life
ducking from light
  we go side by side along

the concourse walls & arches tracing
  your brave steps dropping
back the image could put you in a cage away
  from the family uni-
fication through the courts; even a word or a stone
phlegm could detach you... we duck & split

into pipes, behind fabrics hating visibility’s action
  altering to the greater quicker
risk over retinal contracts waiting for the light
  to clear this aching pale straight lag
coerced in the map to never break that false
harmony, relations. Never 
  to be broken the dissonance
my life has made; you are still
  so beautiful; soft

in the violence 
  I held back in you. 


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