Thursday, 2 February 2017

NEWS: New book. Podcast.

What a crumpled fucking month that was. 

I have news. First of all here's some music. Karl M. V. Waugh and myself get together every now and again to make radio show / podcast things. We have a few drinks and press the record button on the recording device (see below) and play one another music. The beginning (and many other bits of it) are scrappy and un-profesh. Woops. Here's a link: BBC RADIO BINNSCLAGG
In other news, my new book of poems is coming out VERY SOON. It is being printed as we speak. It's a long suite of poems. Some of them are very short. Some are longer. Some prose too. It has acted as a kind of journal documenting my work life over the last two years. It will be released by Contraband Books very shortly, and my thanks go to David Ashford for putting in a lot of hard work on what is really quite an unreasonable book. I will add links for purchase and links to launch event info as soon as everything is solidified and then melted and then split again. Will Rowe has written a note on the text. Here it is:

'The writer is a carer in an institution where the normativity function of world, its disposition of space, occurs as a containment of death. Human empathy in this environment is an irruption of uncontainable disorder. To look at this place produces deep disorder inside: how can one live there? How long is it possible to live at an extreme edge, this kind of edge? The answer relates to truth, sheer insistence on truth, without any resolution by hope. That means pain, without emollients of world.'

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