Friday, 30 December 2016

Dream Diary 30.12.2016

This is a very unusual dream for me - feeling like nothing particular to myself, more a trick in lucidity. I am a man in my early 20s. The dream takes place in the early years of the second world war. I am at home in a cottage with my wife. She runs in from the garden saying "we've won!". I ask what she means and she explains that we entered a competition draw and that we have won the ration book plus a trip to London to see lots of attractions. I find this strange, because I know that at this point in time such a competition wouldn't probably exist. I also say to her that the prizes will be good but that nowadays (I almost let slip for the first time that "there" - the time and place we're in isn't real) this would be some kind of scam.

We go to London full of excitement and board the river cruiser. We stroll around the deck and meet the captain who jokes about my age and seems intent on mentioning my cheekbones and that there is something not quite right about me, We go to get some food, but my wife (who's name I don't know yet) says she wants to get something more fun to eat. We head to a cafe on deck where they serve spaghetti. Before we go in I confess to her that I'm dreaming, and that I don't know who either of us our in the dream, but that I am enjoying her company and that because I'm dreaming there is a sadness because she will fade away. She tells me not to be so arrogant. That she doesn't know who either of us are either, and that she is also dreaming. I jump back, stunned, and tell her my name in real life. She says "ah, well, my name is Christine. Next time I see you I will wink at you, and then drop something - you'll know it's me". We go into the cafe and resolve to enjoy what we have here and to try to remain asleep for a while. While in the cafe a man becomes aggressive with me, and I assume I have powers to end this by merely making him leave or not be there. As I think this objects I look at begin to fly around the room.

I wake up in a start, get in the shower and go to work. When I get to work there are builders there, as there were when I left and they are building small towers in the garden wall. I can't start working because I want to write down this dream, which I do in almost identical words to these except for this paragraph which I know will need to be filled in but I leave blank because it doesn't exist yet, and start to describe a man who I once knew who was nine feet tall. I stick the fountain pen into my elbow and it is extremely painful. I wake up and there is a real cut there beginning to scab over.

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