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Wednesday, 9 November 2016



mandrel asleep, to mouthwash
no one asleep is there now
rain, destructive determined
force of not will. fanfair
words must now become us, more
uglier. harm that stupid
river the settlement its
calm silt unbound the dam is
let no more disclosure. send
men, armed on a roof little
is has worst happened trilling
nicely. i dumb. net curtains
strobing like tutus in a
nest of young spiders they sap.


have you wrongly come aboard
destination who fucking
there are people of entrap-
ment going to meet at the
corner come to your door ru-
in, they've realised beyond
violence their potential
dismissing law going far-
ther suddenly corruption
is my friend and crook. who could-
've guessed an infirmary
pardoned the world keeps shilling
uncoupling to die. windmills
torn out of the soil i am
going to the wrong outlet.


pigs on the trench parapet
deep in rain a dead bird laid
its head on the track  this is
all anxious clods in the pigs
mutiny, no surprise. why
so stunned the weakest  moment
your life passes out why do
you think you matter you think
time i'm with you all the time
bricks and lies. two guns at each
head still this racist militia is grown
out of the soil the socket left
from the windmill's rip, the scar
just a gaping heap, no tissue.


back to dot to square one to
wilson to impressions. lye
through your throat i dare you to
we could look down the whole truth
that'd send home the message
while the line manager goes
on her lunch break remember
you don't get that you get to
put up. burn this burn roofs, knife
hole gaping in the soil that's
the rondo the new truths plastic
spent by a lathe operated
with laser cutting impede
a fish a thing for its tongue.


there is one man at the cen-
tre I yearn for he is ab-
user an entire worldview. can
you remember the notes in
bach's cello suite, the sara-
band was it? hot clusters. you
said they were calming, always
i thought there was a monstrous
terror waiting inside, in
those cruel and beautiful notes
that flew out of me across
the repaired climate. cut off
the supplies, die at thirty
five. expiry, compliments.


the rules to engage it must
end quickly... a short burst from
japan. now the destination is fixed
our your site's baby rapist

there's a screaming.coming. from.
just. out. side. no mercy have no
have you watched the video
a lot child shows another

the real depiction of the
cage on fire surely after
the debris is dumped that body
can scramble out.

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