Friday, 7 October 2016

What is Life?

It's no exaggeration to say that all of a sudden an album I have only listened to once is probably the best album I've ever heard. It was with a weird rush of joy and pain that we sat there and listened to the whole thing through. Late at night, after a tediously repetitive work shift, in my deadening routine. Blooms What is Life is a labour of devotion. It feels extremely sorrofwul and lost at times. That sorrow and that loss is broken through with what sound like the sounds of actual illumination. There is such an immensity of expression; such a sense of time - the universal turning in to the personal; a realised separation of those two things, and a realisation of there being no two distinct things. Sorry. I know I can get a bit confusing, and I'm expressing my own micro-narrative which is probably a far cry from what is actually there. What I will say is that it is rare I feel so loved by music, and finding things that have profound emotional effects on me is often a bit of game of chance cards. This album is stunningly beautiful, and I think I will value it forever. I'm going to listen to it again now as I walk anxiously about in town. For fans of the void, masturbation as self love, dancing and jellyfish moving about in the sea.

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