Monday, 5 September 2016

First Disposal


    of disposal
    of human

    Fuck  the  schools

    we're  in  need  of
    disposal. No more listeners:

     sometimes   away  the   crossing
     voice. Curling   sea,, away

     where     are     you;     what've we

     lost    you.

     those. Those were   difficult   days
     for    me   I   said   they   were   hard

     they  were  nothing   just
     like  now  the  days  are  not

     passing      are blanks
     signals  of

     what's   what it's like
     to   be  gone  where   are   you  fascists

     like   to  self  identify. we're not;

Community Care reported that over 2,100 mental health beds have been closed in the UK since April 2011 with 468 beds closing during 2014 alone. In addition funding for home treatment teams has been cut by almost two percent whilst referrals to them rose by 16%.e.

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