Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discordian Tenderness - Second Manifesto

for Fern

(after Sappho)

Discord, the blast
the magic columns,, tenderness does not. There is nothing but the void. The genderless chain of exactitude.. : pin,, "there is nothing
                               but the void" is tireless, tenderness is the gaping void. Is the entropic frontier is this joke called the cosmos is this implacable enemy,, easy the way that leads to the void. The void will loom eternal and intact.


The precinct of the void is a mirror, the mirror of the precinct, the void.

Some say there are no enemies, no oppositions. They are hacks and liars. Enemies. Your violence is in panic at the void. Violence to us is that we represent it: shreds and blots of the void dapple us. We are feared. We sometimes remain silent in public because our voices will out us. Afraid in this moment. Of physical attack. The void is full and empty. The world is slated with opposites and estrangements. We are gambled for and over. Subjects of the Gay Masters. Our bodies, occupied buildings. Private sectors. I fear those that gamble against our lives. I Hail Discordia those that gamble us against them. Throw an apple at a cop: The queered void is grounded in the free.

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