Friday, 4 September 2015

click click away

so i lit a candle
for nothing

go on you
light it nothing

    sickness took on
  new forms they told me

i was ill, that i'd better
                have to work

i remember my mother once

     says they just sit there
    with a smile
                           & i love you

    still doesn't mean much
i lit i watched the smoulder
         they gathered up some cloth


   & wishes hurricane for you
       concrete all the time
    how i despise you for it said
anachronistic shit like that because
i could say
make a better world & put yourself to sleep
make a safer space for us and lay down
   my head. but i am frightened. i know

it isn't right
                     & that i don't
                     know what fear is
more like
wanting after life

& forgiveness never

rocking with your head
   in your palms

that no one
                      knows is beautiful.

& i flinch

another dead end. no escapes

my naked body
     i know it's wrong it isn't wrong
     revolting or something i can't look.

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