Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Bang Over A Rook

after a day here what
you are covered in not
a day at all a rise at
after effort & strain

you are covered in
a strange layer or sink
work comes crashing
furniture forever loud bangs

clot & mimic it is all ok
hang back a slap
shocks out and laugh
arranging scraps & receits or

there silent amongst the bang
crater the door
stuck to the floor
no recognition now

your work goes quiet
staring daggers late early late
early late mechanised leave
forget to clock & treated

what remains is
no ruling the sphere
of care forgotten pretty up
they are coming

the rooks screaming nest to
best a twirling heap
of flex and mirrors dying for gram
money chucked in neat available


in you go sick of life
failed doner we do what
we do for nothing
fuck the unit
tensile sliced in the harrowing
next door I am really
of to entry of any room:: fail. Not
what you do but when
clocked u. u. slice and spoil
or anything damage lives
to investment no one gets
this perished miserable look on
stuck on the face in a child
my have not fucked up resistance

       No they are pretending to and die
anyway agree with
find the throat of an investor now when you
firmly hate it tear out its blood over
your body strobes when they will recover
doubt the whole move the
person centred resistance to love &&
passion fund cult.

...You smash out buried glot
in fear of attack there
the skin
                falling the skin is the note
the static bone I hate you generated
palm off when your arms fly to
challenge garter in a duct
the hell munt screaming these

                 are they noises
broken up am I fearful yes when
people u love scresm u. u hate when
cut in rates off board on the collision line
gastro fuck you leverege to death on.

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