Sunday, 23 August 2015

How to be A Conservative Prick or The Spheres and the Arts Revolting

I've got to admit it, a lot of people like what you're doing. I can't help but think that perhaps it's because you feel reassured. There's nothing wrong with that in itself; we're not a pack of anti-culture fiends. But what we've been thinking is that perhaps the most conservative thing you can do is be Creative. Because the most reactionary thing you can do in a crisis is fondle the pristine notion of progress. Because everything you create is a vicarious celebration of capitalist production. And most fundamentally because what happens when you "Create" something is that nothing is interrupted, the process of facile cultural accumulation has, if anything,, been stretched out,,, stretched to fuck,,,, and I have a serious and stupid belief that while you do that,,,, you foul maker,,,,, you hacking cough,,,,,,,,,, you are partaking in a retentive satanic ritual where the recitation or whatever it is you say is simply a valorisation of work as it is: by persuading yourself you are some kind of alternative you're pretending you own a business. Like a kid pretending to be a police officer. Or in fact like a certain class of traitor who wiles away a couple of years sucking up to management doing an inordinate amount of work for fuck all money in order,, he thinks,,, that eventually he will climb up a ladder and land a decent career:: in fact,,,,, the conditioning of that thing,,, let's call it a sentiment,,,, means that your only real aspiration, the only one left at the end, is the stifled retentive and bitter decree that by whatever means you will fuck over the people that disagree with your conceit. This is what George Osborne has called the lower middle class military. Probably why people find those TED Talks so helpful. Like listening to George Osborne's neurons firing and bouncing!!! All the fun stuff he wants you to steel. But instead there's not much to do. My romantic persuation says that if we continue to destroy moments in time, order and decency eventually people like you will realise that you don't have to be conservative pricks: creatives. That you can in fact take a hard amount of slack,,, so much that you become inconvenient or better useless, that your intrinsic value exceeds your productive value. That you start caring about things. I know,, I'm spitting in the wind and yes, I no longer have a face. Alain De Botton is a sexual presator.

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