Monday, 23 February 2015


The institution, a door, I-body;
the privilege of chewing gum,, fire door
sticks & listens, waits privately; it can't
move the division of time,, effort,, face
from the farce of return. From the deathless

abject not-I-wonder who moved
the bear not-I-You-can, wasps don't
sting, don't bite or touch not-I-help-Nice-
You not-I corrections, arrangement of bottle
the institut- ion is no-empathy, that social

experiment-I failed,, all sucked and productive,
all valued all emptied to the sucking cars, .
Now-I want to suck and swallow, you in
your cropped hair & braces, I-stark arrangement,,
pigtailed & skin & frills in the not-exact light

 or tide, I-institution of not, plastic or dick
or imagined,,, yours catching in the gag, leashed
(collared) ((not-light-I_)) tide or tore. Decent
articulate mouth topped up & you come over
again in I-over me over I-not worsening I-placating

yes-i-hold empathy, clumsy un-mute in the jaw
& sssing: She is a nameless bale,, sissy or slut;
when we scream in the distance called public;
we-always shut in perfect care & yes it shocks
the natural voice or no it turns them into heads:

cuts out the supply, demands the use be
I-occluded, the chide near paradise hurt
& bound &, sexed unhurting un-I-shaming
full at peak in shame.


& desire is stopping
& is not death

& desire is killing-I-(i)-self 
too. &too close &too

the stock that is the light
moving close

closing the collar round
the left of the eye. 


((I)) - (i) - i(I)
and - &
& - (
empathy - foreclosure, error, life.
 the holding of
 in this
 head, arms i-
 distinction & promise


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