Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lyric Trials

Of Grief

--as the tide is wretching
as it is as is not back
alive it hast nothing
in the glyph - physical. (if) you are beautiful
a collection of several
lines detached from material:
verse 1: that body i skull for

there on the floor as if
to stand is too much
and do not, on the
ground heart o rainy sea.

Of Repetition

the abject not-i unsung,, not-face
          these that th/ eye undefinite
order, waste.. not i-waste,, mineral
assaulting. Implausible beat cast
or user or service or in your crude
your care or long bereavement, impossible
Stain Or Pill.
bereavement curtailed or crossweed
don't dupe this man or sweet
breaker, silence falls in pale grief
fists first & tight.
                             In brief agitations
                             pride against
                             pride, this head,
mottled,, caught up in shimmer
polars. & && yes be I feear, catching. Yes
this still i-work-at    (face, your)
                              i, a nail up.
                              Water's roof.   ''

Then was the sweet weather proved:
When i saw. when I saw it, broken hideosity
of calm.

Of to Punish

sublimate my lust in two
a constant wordy pressure.

terrible screen: undelete
the total, the total call of my

desires. reached, invoked objects
terrible in its best clothes. 

Of Flux

&  'll   lounce  forth to   ur    vice
to the knell with mistaken
delivberate, deliberately mistakenly;
to flail across you summerised
to service, sublimated in two worlds.

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