Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sappho - Hymn to Aphrodite / Fragment

Hymn to Aphrodite

I climbed into the sky today
and all todays; the sky kills ((o so lovely
body & hands ((o slippy contrast
                      ((love robbed my heart.

There; in the sky snapping over
the Brutal, guarding their land
((spare me o
((shake not my
                         shake our sky’s heart.

                        ((Past times,
we’d array your voice & mine
would rush in tandem to it.
A billion throats crack in the sky.
You have climbed my heart, screeching
of the sky: (His iridite golden sanctum)

The tether, nor iridite: pinion,, arrayed
to suppose extremities of shame
the ground here is a clubbing blade.
The bustling figure down here
                       she dallys for the sky
                       to   end.

What has become yet demean your
soiled,, shed skin,, shed be shamed
you asked; come, and awash,
                 avast! ((Sentimental
                 & squirming in the through-space.

Love, ((& billions running after as behind
retracting as you flood;
it is a choiceless unforgiven
        ((the will that stretches in your beck.

I would call out, the dancing plague
wring each hand & total some billion
array to sky-crack,, voices ((throats
             be; retracted & flooding (( all so promises. 


[rrr,                          ]
     ... is this tangent
        ...         had a garden
boys & guards,,
garlands, back away…

              ...               R,
just to nestle in


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