Thursday, 19 December 2013

caring curse

was that war lasted a month or was it a decade curses
actualized slogans impossible to resist your lovely strident
dancing boys

                       still, if i could kill you this summer love
rose up to meet with the twirling ears of golden corn, your
counties remarkable faces, switching enlisted souls.

love characteristic of our state of freedom, plant the letters
of your hex in a cool orchard, serve silently, remove unnecassary
noises, choke hold, excite in the trees / orgasmic childhood

                     memories we are still mourning the copper leaves
an indent of itself upon suspicious skin. i take it you've met
a howl of wind  ,  find him hanged in your cell by his natural
adonis. Struggle prettifies , ears prick / candid spoilt bastad pitch  .

nether regional. scrap happiness. scrap equity branches pearl
blossom considers widow below roots, eating. drink drink
my love born here raised here  tear it to pieces.

1 comment:

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