Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Accident Rhyme

To the taste the golden pot it
rattles open, needing to pee
rates. Game rates, spartan file out of
the flapping
                   wooden panels, oak
for the mere thought of
                                    tunnel with
this mine basis light i care to
cut at tape, rattle rattle like
a body. She glances straighten
hair and cheeks; put a bit of blood
around the bone, be selection
be cut
           off. Publicity
where was you
ribbon coming
into warp
                        NO I WANT YOU this is the freckled truth proof at least
                        identity frail this shows you composition this forsakes     O
                        terminal stupor. Natural  bargain, nature piano  wire  fakes

now off with you bleached SUN
stupid fucker, coiled this ridge of
neuron-skin by the possum clothes
and try i do to be everyone elses

close down thought . Muscles make you stupid
like the sun which is systems of thought makes
you clever, limp, clear. With a nappy in hand
makes nothing this makes you clear as water
succubus, Cthulu edge, this makes you Saturn
this week money pours over land over save
preview clothes this makes your paws dirt steam
this makes the hand come down to hurt me

                 NO I WANT YOU NOW COME in(((((hard the floor of bedding
                 lacks properties living can't refuse  your lift my head up colour geld
                 bland to where lacking and all I want fallow to disgrace myself opened
                 'a fist in your womb' cremation bound. This man smells the light of
                 the household fires, brings in a box of vinegar for packing, put your
                 feet into water. Your fingers collect in saps///

spacial /// grips /// gelded /// thumanth /// no peak
to rest. Joyous
as in go
now out
kind and pure
this grace
god gets
how easy
it is more
cold than
plants and mites
and mistake
                   (health)'s are aplenty lake shine shit
                     haunt me, the very very

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