Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Pronoun Manifesto

3) Our pronouns are "oil slick" & "meat" & "that blessed cavity" & a switch to the world

5 -


Pronouns are demands on consciousness. Every time you use one you are creating an incantation; an order for the subject to act up, to act upon stimulus. No one knew they were speaking a magical language (that magical was all language could be) until the doors were screwed shut. Until the windows had let out all the air. People in pockets of anxiously rehearsed resistance networks were saying that the language needed to be mended, that it should be used correctly - that this wasn't going to be hard. They forgot about & thereby stood upon those they refused to call the "mad" or "deranged", the people whose language is not yours. When they lost their understanding... 


The doors were pieces of nothing the windows that sucked the air out were logos - as the air came out you horrible voices began to understand what it was you had all done - co-operatives with the fascists, you were steeped in a chaos you couldn't read. You couldn't hear. You were committing yourselves to spells in the dark, it went on & on from the first creak of a child's voice till the last death rattle when the air left. 


Remember, if you can do one thing: Demands for corrected pronouns are transitional demands towards a full comprehension & abandonment of every system of naming. Verbs will finish this world. 



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