Tuesday, 18 April 2017

On Kek, Eris, Mindfuck and the Eschaton (Charlston).

Today I went to the file sharing sire 'wetransferdotcom' and found this image on their background:

I was instantly unsettled. I thought the alt right had hacked the page. I was about to download a huge file and was terrified that next thing there'd be a load of mum's basement fascists filling my computer with normie puerile shite, that there'd be actual Nazis at my door... I don't know what I was afraid of really. I saw this masked figure (a cross between Cthulhu and the "Red Guy" from 'Don't Hug me I'm Scared'?!) as some kind of manifestation of the Cult of Kek. I'd seen people in these costumes at protests and rallies. I'm in a rush and just trying to get these thoughts down before I lose them, but here is one example - skip to 1:31. A figure in a red mask appears in the background and displays a Kek banner:

Anyway, I started to actually read about the Cult of Kek - the mythology of Kek in ancient Egypt the deity of primordial darkness. Also, surprise surprise, a deity of chaos and disorder - an androgyness frog / serpent headed God often crowned with a beetle and also present in Greek and Roman mythologies, though in obscurity. I then started to think about the opening of the Illuminatus trilogy - 'it was the year they finally immanentized the eschaton' and I started to wonder who that 'they' actually were. I also began to think about how carelessly human the nomination 'eschaton' actually is: 'The final event in the grand plan' or 'the end of the world' - ἔσχατος. And then this, in its etymology - *eǵʰs-katos, from ἐξ (ex, “out”). Compare with ἔγκατα (énkata, “intestines”) and the same difficulty in ἐχθός (ekhthós) = ἐκτός (ektós). Funnily enough my spellcheck keeps trying to replace 'eschaton' with Charlston. But think about it. Imminantize the "out" "intestines". I think there's a lot more at stake for consciousness and the soul than a nuclear war, though that is the most obvious and immediate horror. Remember, in Biblical mythology the Eschaton takes a fucking long time. There is a lot left after "the event" to be resolved. All kinds of beasts.

Back to the picture. I looked up the attribution and here is an explanation:

"Antonio Gibotta Enfarinat: People, second prize stories December 28, 2016

Each year on 28 December, residents of Ibi in Spain stage a mock military coup, pelting each other with flour and eggs and letting off firecrackers. A group of men, ‘Els Enfarinats’ (The Floured Ones) take control of the town, pronouncing ridiculous laws and fining citizens who infringe them. Another group, ‘La Oposicio’ (The Opposition) tries to restore order. At the end of the day, the fines are donated to charity.

Reputedly 200 years old, the festival was revived in 1981 after long lying dormant.

Commissioned by
Agenzia Controluce"

Obviously there's a lot to be said here. A clash of mythologies ancient and contemporary. But hear this, snowflakes of Kek - our parties go on for longer, we aren't killing one another and we are coming for you. We're not your friends either. Contrary to what's been said of late we are more desperately in need of Operation Mindfuck than we perhaps ever have been.

Hail Eris etc. More on this later.


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